Our clients require the management of all assets throughout their IT Infrastructure to highlight changes or deviations from pre-defined standards. Sintrex delivers real time information on these assets to ensure the business is operating at maximum efficiency.

Sintrex scans the IT assets online and in real time, accurately recording installation dates, changes and detailed information including performance data. Sintrex records this information, then archive the data on a central database for easy and immediate access, anywhere and anytime. The speed and accuracy of this information enables your IT management team to achieve the following success:

  • Zero production hours lost as a result of human dependencies as the solution requires no staff.
  • No data manipulation or recapturing of data into the financial system is required making the information accurate and immediately usable by all IT and financial applications.
  • No disruptions or services downtime due to human errors while performing the physical audits.
  • Easily manage vendor SLAs with accurate and immediate information on hand Improved availability of information to audit and trouble shoot assets.